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Communicate with the Ethereum blockchain using GraphQL and Apollo Client
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Apollo Link Ethereum

apollo-link-ethereum allows you to use GraphQL to speak directly to a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The package integrates with Apollo Client as a link. There are several resolvers so that you can resolve web3 calls using either web3js 1.0 or Ethers.js. A separate mutations package is available to actually execute transactions (currently only supports ethers.js).

Please see the documentation for each package for more information.

Package Description
apollo-link-ethereum The base package
apollo-link-ethereum-resolver-ethersjs Resolve calls using Ethers.js
apollo-link-ethereum-mutations-ethersjs Send transactions with Ethers.js
apollo-link-ethereum-resolver-web3js Resolve calls using Web3js 1.0


Example DApps

  1. Here's a simple read-only Example DApp:

  2. A more in-depth application supporting both Ethereum reads (calls) and writes (transactions):
    ZeppelinOS Registry


You'll need to install the base package apollo-link-ethereum and one of the resolver packages. If you'd like to execute transactions you should also install the mutations package for the bindings you've selected. Currently there is only a mutations package for Ethers.js.


We use yarn and lerna. Run yarn to install the lerna dependency:

$ yarn

Then use lerna to set up the child packages:

$ lerna bootstrap

Live compilation

The yarn watch command runs both the typescript transpilation and rollup to build the JS into a distributable:

$ yarn watch
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