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Commits on Jul 10, 2012
  1. Support VS2010 and tidy description

    alexdavies74 authored
  2. @BenjaminNitschke
  3. @BenjaminNitschke

    Initial commit of the VS package

    BenjaminNitschke authored
    Initial commit of the VS package after playing around with some ideas
    for a few hours (spend most time getting .NET Demon build support
    working). Added settings dialog to configure command to be executed.
    Focus is restored after the command (some test runners like ReSharper
    steal the editor window focus away). Also added timeout to wait for next
    execution after command has executed. Save and load also implemented and
    did some testing.
  4. @BenjaminNitschke

    Initial commit

    BenjaminNitschke authored
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