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Get host IP / Interfaces
Perl 6
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Get system IP / Interfaces




Get system IP addresses and interfaces. It doesn't rely on ifconfig/ipconfig etc. It does this by using routing table default route and C ABI. All method works fine on Linux only ( for now ). BSD is the next target.

Coming soon

BSD, Windows

Why not ifconfig / ipconfig

Really ?


use Sys::IP;

# Get system default IP
say; #

# Get all active IP's
say; # [, ]

# Get all active interfaces
say; # [ { name => eth0, ip-addr => }, ...]


  • :$ipv6 = False include ipv6 addresses
  • :$loopback = False include loopback interface
  • :$active = True include only active interfaces
  • :$ip = True include only interfaces with assigned IP address


  • new( Bool :$ipv6 = False, Bool :$loopback = False, Bool :$active = True, Bool :$ip = True --> Sys::IP )
  • get_default_ip( --> Str ) when used with :ipv6 it will return only ipv6 address
  • get_ips( --> Array )
  • get_interfaces( --> Array[Hash] )


zef install Sys::IP


prove -ve 'perl6 -Ilib'
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