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Assets 3


  • FIX: A broken internal link in the README.
  • FIX: UV coordinates for tris being broken.
  • FIX: Bounds definition token was not case-insensitive when the brick name was defined in the same object.
  • FIX: Warning messages about non-mesh objects being used as definition objects not being triggered.
  • Brick names defined in bounds object can now contain spaces.
  • Improved README installation instructions.
  • Now providing a renamed add-on archive in release for easier installation.


  1. Download the file named io_scene_blb-v1-2-3.zip from the downloads in this release.
    • The contents of the file are identical to the Source code (zip) file but Blender cannot handle the period character in file names causing the installation of the source code .ZIP to fail.
    • Alternatively to download the latest version of the add-on instead of this one, click here or go to the front page of the repository and press Clone or download > Download ZIP.
  2. Open Blender and go to File > User Preferences > Add-ons.
  3. Press the Install from File... button at the bottom of the dialog and find the downloaded .ZIP file.
  4. Press Install from File... again.
  5. Enable the add-on in the add-ons list and press Save User Settings to keep the add-on enabled the next time you start Blender.
  6. The export option is under File > Export > Blockland Brick (.blb).


  1. Open Blender and go to File > User Preferences > Add-ons.
  2. Quickly find the add-on by typing blb into the search field.
  3. Expand the add-on by clicking the white triangle on the left, press the Remove button, and confirm the removal.
  4. Follow the installation instructions above.