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Various utility libraries for Unity (alpha). V2 of my previous libs, HOUnityLibs.
Developed by Daniele Giardini -

You can get it all, or only single configurations, from the downloads section.

Core libraries (Unity 4.6 or later)


A library with various UnityEditor utils, plus GUI methods to draw nicer Editor Inspectors/Panels.
IMPORTANT: Before using any DeGUI method be sure to initialize DeGUI inside your OnGUI/OnInspectorGUI by calling DeGUI.BeginGUI().


Integrates with DemiEditor to allow customization of colors. Uses custom Skin and Color structs that return the correct value depending on Unity's skin (normal or dark)

Extra libraries (Unity 5 or later)

Extra Libraries are independent from each other, but may require the Core libraries (DemiLib and DemiEditor).

De2D - Wiki Page

Requires Core libraries
Miscellaneous components useful for 2D (like De2DCamera and De2DAutosorter).

DeAudio/DeAudioEditor - Wiki Page

Requires Core libraries and DOTween
Audio manager.


Requires Core libraries
A barebone debug library, which I plan to expand later.

DeEditorTools (Unity 2018.1 or later) - Wiki Page

Requires Core libraries
Miscellaneous editor panels, an extra SceneView context menu, and options to color and apply icons to objects in the Hierarchy and folders in the Project.


Miscellaneous runtime extensions. Very barebone for now.

DeInspektor (Unity 5.4 or later) - Wiki Page

Requires Core libraries
A series of class/property/decorator attributes to make nicer Inspectors or to set class options.


Miscellaneous runtime utilities. Very barebone for now.