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AH List
Renamer List

This repository exists mainly for the wiki, but the issue tracker is also used to collect feedback and as a second point of contact if we cannot be reached on discord. Issues may be reported here if they are specific to Demiurge. If you don't know if the issue is Darkstar's or not, you can ask here.

Renamer List

  • This list enables you to see the intended names of custom MOBs and NPCs that would otherwise Display as "NPC" in game. It requires the Renamer Addon and installation instructions are in provided there. To use our renamer list, simply place it in the addons list directory after installation.

Issue Report Template


  • When creating a new issue, please be sure to fill out info requested by the template, which is the pre-filled text in the edit box of new issues.
    Failure to provide information asked for in this template or removing the formatting characters may result in your issue being closed without warning or response!

Lost password or usernames

  • If you wish to request a password reset, you will need to reach Teo in the #general channel on Discord.
    TAKE CARE OF YOUR ACCOUNT INFO as you cannot always have it reset or retrieved! Loss of data is possible!
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