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Basic Server Info

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Server address (both game and website):



Major settings and config options changed from defaults:

  • subjob to mainjob ratio of 2/3 instead of 1/2 (applies to pets and monsters too)
  • Augmented starting rings (1 point in 2 stats)
    • For more information on the augments go here
  • Gobbiebag/Mog Safe/etc 80 slots. All Wardrobes enabled.
  • Double base EXP from monster kills with additional Bonus for EXP chains
  • exp_loss_level: 20 (meaning this is the lowest you can delevel to)
  • speed_mod: +40 (30 points over retail)
  • sj_mp_divisor: 1.5 (more subjobs viable, but War/whm still sucks :wink: )
  • Battle_cap_tweak: 5 (because caps were not removed, concession for low pop)
  • healing_tick_delay: 6 (normal is 10)
  • START_GIL = 1000
  • ALL_MAPS = 1
  • EXPLORER_MOOGLE_LEVELCAP = 1 (can move between starting towns freely)
  • Many other settings, including crafting myths like direction are unchanged from LSB defaults.

*Settings subject to change after player feedback.

Other info:

  • Subjob quest starts auto completed - players begin with subjob unlocked.
  • Advanced job unlock quests must be done.
  • Maat's level cap quests must be done.
  • BCNM including missions are capped
  • The Auction House is not fully loaded - crafters have heavy influence here
  • Battle EXP and especially chain EXP is buffed.. ..Book EXP is NOT. Chain like the good old days, or die trying!
  • Currently hosted on a Virtual machine generously provided by Whasf, on the same hardware the old Official DarkStar Classic Server was on.

Important notes/Plans/content:

  • This is not strictly a true "era locked" server. Our reason for being 75 cap is the serious lack of content for levels beyond 75.
  • We presently run: Zilart+CoP+ACP, 75 cap, very minimal custom. And if it works in LSB in those expansions it works here. Abyssea is not planned.
  • Work needs to happen in LSB to get more of ToAU and WoTG working before we enable them. Also the other 2 mini expansions (ACP is 90% done already).
  • Seekers and Rhapsodies: We'll discuss it when it actually exists in the LandSandBoat Project. Teo dislikes itemLevel gear though, so its rather doubtful even then.
  • If Rune Fencer and Geomancer get built in LandSandBoat then may possibly offer a way to get them unlocked without Seekers. But they don't exist yet.