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Voter registration information

This project does a number of things:

  1. Provides some scripts work manipulating and storying electoral registers
  2. Provides a web interface for exploring ward level aggregated stats for a postcode.
  3. Provides some tools for adding those stats to local images, designed for sharing.



  1. Place a register in data/electoral_rolls/[gss]-[council-name]/.
  • Convert the register to a CSV file (if it isn't one already). The format can be TSV or CSV, but the file name needs to end with .csv:
    • Run the script data/electoral_rolls/ with the folder name as the first argument: sudo E123-trumpton. Note that sudo is required, and soffice needs to the on the PATH.

    • Alternatively find another way to convert the file to a CSV and save it alongside the register in the [gss]-[council-name] folder.

  1. In the 'web' folder, run ./ clean_data_files. Do clean a single register, you can add --gss E123 as an argument. This will convert the CSV created in the previous step in to the format needed for the web system. It does the following:

  2. Removes all data we're not interested in, like names and voter numbers.

  3. Converts split address fields in to a single field.

  4. Makes a postcode column from any column that looks like it might be a postcode

  5. Ignores lines that don't look valid (mainly, without a postcode)

  6. Import the file in to the database: ./ import_cleaned_data. You can pass a --gss argument to this command, as above.

  7. Geocode the data: ./ geocode_addresses

  8. Update the population data: import_population_data


Per register:

Once the steps in "Registers" above have been run, you need to add generated images to the new data:

./ create_images_for_wards