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Crypto opensource governance

Updated May 10, 2019

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Propose v2

Updated Apr 26, 2018

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Delegate v2

Updated Apr 26, 2018

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Organisations v1

Updated Jul 20, 2018

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Product Roadmap

Updated Apr 18, 2018

This GitHub project is a living document of the current tasks, near term tasks and future tasks. All of these tasks are in line with achieving our vision of creating a censorship immutable liquid democracy for borderless governance. This will enable Democracy.Earth to usher in a new era of civic tech.

An API that enables scalable blockchain voting based on satoshi micro-payments that replicate the vote token transactions in the sovereign app.

Blaze to React migration

Updated Jun 30, 2017

Migration consists of building React components and make small migrations while moving up the chain.

All migration-related work will be done on branch prj-9-blaze-to-react

Enabling sovereign individuals to navigate UX in one of three distinct states: (note: as user navigates UX ... we should have a very simple way of toggling between the three - just as in real life:

  1. anonymous - interacting with 3rd-party functionality providers in a TOTALLY anonymous way...while still providing personal sovereignty. Trolls would live here. Taxes would be higher.

  2. self - representing your true self in society and interactions/votes. Can participate in organizations as "self". [difference between #2 and #3 are who one represents]

  3. organization - representing an organization as a member of the registered list of public keys [every org is defined as unique public key with subordinate public keys (collection of 'selfs', each represented by their 'self' public key)]

Tech potentially supporting such a decentralized 'personal API' UX:

Roadmap Quixote -> 20-jan-2017

Updated Dec 11, 2016

Ideas and notes about next developments, features,and improvements related to the current app release 0.1.0 Quixote. Major milestone 20 january 2017. Topics related with Blockchain, Bitcoin, P2P, Decentralized Architecture and POCs are in other projects.

Proof of Concept #1: Chat application based on electron, oriented to get collaboration with micro-work contracts. 1 hour of work = 1 Taskoshi

dApp Stack Ecosystem

Updated Oct 31, 2016

scalable decentralized architecture to create a full distributed network application without middlemen.

Integration with Blockstack IDs

Updated Dec 18, 2017

To prevent sybil attacks and centralization of authority regarding identity, implementation of a distributed identity protocol based on blockchain IDs such as blockstack can contribute to make sovereign censorship resistant.

Integration with IPFS

Updated Nov 21, 2016

Sovereign currently stores user assets (ie: a profile picture) in an Amazon S3 instance on the cloud. In our push towards decentralization, we want to make such integration with a decentralized filesystem such as

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