Admin module

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Admin in 10 seconds

  1. Add a citizen's email to the STAFF environment variable.
  2. Log into DemocracyOS and navigate to /admin.
  3. Manage your tags and laws. You need to create at least one tag before creating any laws.


In order to keep your DemocracyOS alive and kicking, you'll need to manage its content. Specifically, you'll need to update it with new laws and update them as well.

This can all be done through standard database querying as shown in the loading fixtures section.

However, for all those non-developers out there, this won't suffice. Luckily, there's an administration module for authorized citizens to manage the site's content without them knowing code at all (though knowing some HTML will help).

[Tutorial] ( How to use the admin

Useful stuff

  • A law has to be created before you can add clauses to it.

  • A law has to be published from the admin module before it shows on DemocracyOS.

  • A law's summary, as well as its clauses can hold HTML. This is useful for embedding links, images, videos and whatnot to a law's content. Do consider the responsiveness of your additional HTML code.

  • Multiple citizens may be authorized to access the administration module by adding their emails to the STAFF env variable, separated by a comma (e.g.:, If you're using a configuration file, the STAFF setting should be set as a JSON holding these emails (e.g.: STAFF: ["", ""]).

###Known Issues

Creating a law with a previously used Official ID will fail silently. Until we fix this please try a different Official ID for a new law if creation fails.

####HTML edition for uploading laws and articles in DemocracyOS

<strong> bold type </strong>

<i> italics </i>

<img src= “”>
The image URL always goes between quotation marks

<br> → line break <br> <br> → double line break