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Load fixtures

Neil Ashton edited this page Jan 15, 2016 · 5 revisions

In order to load fixtures to get DemocracyOS up and running, follow these steps from the project's path:

  1. Run node ./bin/dos-db load tag ./lib/fixtures/tags.json to get tags loaded.
  2. Run node ./bin/dos-db load topic ./lib/fixtures/topics.json to get recent topics loaded.

If you want to load your own, make sure your json files match the standard an also that the comply with the matching model at ./lib/models/<model>.js.

If, when running these scripts, you get an error that looks like unable to find file xxx make sure you're running it from the project's root path and prepend NODE_PATH=. to your command line call. It should be somthing like NODE_PATH=. node ./bin/dos-db load ....

In order to load fixtures in remote heroku app you can Run node ./bin/dos-db load topic ./lib/fixtures/topics.json -U mongodb://<heroku-url@host:port/user>