Express middleware for Certbot manual cert generation
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ExpressJS Certbot Cert Validation middleware

Express middleware to add /.well-known/acme-challenge/:key endpoint for Certbot certonly manual generation.

The idea is to configure this middleware one time in your App, and set the environment variables CERTBOT_KEY and CERTBOT_TOKEN every time you want to generate/update your certs.


1 - Install the middleware in your express/connect project:

npm install --save express-certbot-endpoint

2 - Add it:

var express = require('express')
var certbotEndpoint = require('express-certbot-endpoint')

var app = express()

  key: process.env.CERTBOT_KEY,
  token: process.env.CERTBOT_TOKEN


1 - Make sure to have Certbot on your 💻.

2 - sudo certbot certonly --manual

3 - Follow the instructions, until it says Make sure your web server displays the … and leave that tab open.

4 - Configure in your server the key and the token it gave you.

  • For example, using heroku: heroku config:set CERTBOT_KEY='hvBj5jK2o3B6IpFhdrc8Q1OR6UeIl63_xXxXxXxXxXx' CERTBOT_TOKEN='msbwzok5NNPLg2BjLBIGVali8utyXrc95xXxXxXxXxX'

5 - Press ENTER and it will generate the certs on your 💻 (it will give you the paths).

6 - Upload the certs to your server/DNS/Proxy and you're done.

  • For example, using heroku: sudo heroku certs:update /etc/letsencrypt/live/ /etc/letsencrypt/live/ --confirm heroku-app-name

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