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Appntr - The Membership application, voting and appointment management system of DEMOKRATIE IN BEWEGUNG


This runs on Python Django. For Development, you'll need Python 3.0 and a virtual environment.

  1. Set up your local Virtual environment
virtualenv -p python3 .   # setup a new virtual environment locally
source bin/activate       # enter that environment: needs to happen for every shell session!
  1. From within the enviroment install the dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. (create and) update the database
python migrate
  1. Create a super user
python createsuperuser
  1. Start the server
python runserver
  1. Go to the browser

The server will host the instance at http://localhost:8000/applications/inbox . The Admin-Interface (you generated an account for in 4) is available at http://localhost:8000/admin/ . Within that just navigate to the "Initiative"(s) and change the state of some of them to make the available and view them in said state.

This server automatically refreshes when you change the python source code or the html templates.

Happy Hacking!


Using docker compose, right from within this repo, run:

docker compose up

Upgrade database

Don't forget to update the database after/within each deploy:

docker compose exec web bash /code/scripts/


Here are some common commands you might want to do to trouble shoot things:

(if on docker compose, prefix with docker compose exec web and put command in ")

Reset Date so you can invite immediately:

Replace NUM with the id of the application when running:

python shell -c 'from appntr.models import Application; from datetime import datetime, timedelta; app = Application.objects.get(pk=116); app.changed_at = - timedelta(days=15);'


This is released under AGPL-3.0. See the LICENSE-file for the full text.