WIP CraftBukkit plugin to keep in-depth stats of the players on the server.
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StatCraft is an easy to use and setup plugin for keeping very in-depth stats on your CraftBukkit server. Most individual statistics have a list of sub-statistics that go with it. StatCraft is planned to support at least 44 different stats, but that list is not final and may grow in the future. StatCraft uses the server stats for some stats, but it keeps track of the majority of it's own stats itself. It uses a MySQL databas to store the stats, using the QueryDSL library for most of the database interfacing.

Statistics Supported

Stat Name Status
Player Deaths Implemented
Blocks Broken Implemented
Blocks Placed Implemented
Time Played Implemented
Items Crafted Implemented
Time On Fire Implemented
World Changes (Nether Portal, End Portal, etc.) Implemented
Tools Broken Implemented
Arrows Shot Implemented
Last Time Joined Implemented
Last Time Left Implemented
Buckets Filled Implemented
Buckets Emptied Implemented
Items Dropped Implemented
Items Picked Up Implemented
Beds Entered Implemented
Beds Left Implemented
Time Slept Implemented
Words Spoken Implemented
Messages Spoken Implemented
Damage Taken Implemented
Fish Caught Implemented
Number Of Joins Implemented
XP Gained Implemented
Distance Traveled Implemented
Number Of Kills Implemented
Number Of Times Jumped Implemented
Distance Fallen Implemented
Number Of Deaths In Each World Implemented
Eggs Thrown Implemented
Chickens Hatched Implemented
Ender Pearls Thrown Implemented
Snow Balls Thrown Implemented
Animals Bred Unimplemented Temporarily on hold
TNT Detonated Unimplemented
Enchants Done Unimplemented
Highest Level Achieved Implemented
Damage Dealt Implemented
Items Brewed Unimplemented
Items Cooked Unimplemented
Fires Started Unimplemented
Number Of Tab Completes Used Implemented
Things Eaten Unimplemented
Sheep sheared Unimplemented


Need Maven? Get Maven Here

JDK 8 is required.

If you are just modifying the plugin without changing any of the database structure, then there is no setup needed.

Make sure you are in StatCraft's root directory and run the command:

mvn clean package

When that is finished, look in the target/ folder, and it will have the compiled .jar file.

If you need to modify the database structure, execute statcraft.sql in MySQL to create the correct database structure to begin with, or just run a currently working version of StatCraft so it will create the database. Once you have done this, modify the pom.xml to allow it to connect to the database. Once you have done that, make the changes to the database structure directly on the database itself. After you have made the necessary changes, run this command:

mvn clean statcraft:generate-sql package

for full build, or just:

mvn statcraft:generate-sql

if you just want to create the sql file.

This will generate the statcraft.sql file that the StatCraft Maven plugin uses to generate the classes and Table enum, this is so that changes to the database are automatically represented in the code, and any errors will result in compile-time issues, rather than hard to debug runtime problems.

Further Info

Source for the StatCraft Maven Plugin here.

This project is still very much a work-in-progress, and it is not very close to release. However, if you have any questions or want to contact me for any reason, you can find me in IRC:


I am usually in #paper and #spigot, but you can always just message me, username is DemonWav.