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@PaperMC @SpongePowered @AquiferMC @minecraft-dev
Roman gvvynplaine

Moldova, Tiraspol

Immanuel Sitepu stpimm
Indonesian high school student. Currently working as Java Minigames Developer - Minecraft Project at certain servers.

Bekasi, Indonesia

SrBedRock SrBedrock
Admin do Armageddon MC!

Armageddon MC Belo Horizonte, Brazil

王笛 Wang,Di Imsiaocong

New York University New York, New York

Mike Mikie
I sometimes make cool things? Discord: Mikeyy#5417
Dmitry Lunev HeavenPix
just a different idea here

Russia, Moscow

🦄 + 🦊 = 🔥💖

Rural Sourcing Oklahoma City

Allie ChildishGiant

Cambridge, Uk

Alexandre GV alexandregv
@42School student • @veepee-oss R&D

@42Paris Paris, France

Zach zachbr
@PaperMC co-founder | Student | Developer | SysAdmin | Taco Aficionado
Caden Kriese fl0gic
High school student. Aspiring avionics/aerospace engineer.

United States

Romonov Romonov
Ross Donnan rossdonnanRSI
Business Analyst with RSI Consulting

Rural Sourcing Oklahoma City, OK.

AyzansAlt AyzansAlt
A coder who enjoys making videos and games more than having a life... (Originally BloxyGithub)

London, UK

Luke Granger-Brown lukegb
Site Reliability Engineer, apparently.
Jamie Mansfield jamierocks

England, United Kingdom

Tobias Kern EmotionalSnow
Nothing interesting here, yet ...

Somewhere on the Internet

Dark Litss lss233

@ThePhoenixMC and @DarkSkyTeam Zone III

Chawye Hsu chawyehsu
Spelled as SU Chu-Yi in Mandarin. @ScoopInstaller maintainer. Formerly @NetEaseGame

Guangzhou, China. (UTC+8)

Jonathan Troyer JonathanTroyer
Please see
Mitchell Cook Mishyy
I am a programming fanatic, my language of choice is Java.


Daniel Ennis aikar
Owner of Empire Minecraft / @starlis LLC - Sr. Software Engineer for @icontact - Core team for @PaperMC

@Starlis LLC, @iContact LLC Raleigh NC

games647 games647
Keybase is only used for hosting the PGP key with linked accounts. Please do not message me there.


Connor Hartley connorhartley
21 yo · Java · NodeJS · C++

@Mineteria-Development @ichorpowered @audiojs New Zealand

Nick BsnNick

United States

Gabriele C. sgdc3
21, SysAdmin and Java developer, manager of @AuthMe, @CodeMC and @FearGames

@FearGames Genova, Italy

Aaron Endsley aaronendsley
Web Developer Interested in JavaScript, React and node.


Fred f-r-i-t-z MDLE HELL

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