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Allow strategy for dempsy to configure out how many logical threads it can alloc to output pool #54

bill-tuba opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This does not take into account for hyper threading

It would be nice if DEMPSY could grab as many threads as "it should" when started up on a box.

Right now we can override this directly which is nice but can DEMPSY 'respond' itself to what's available?

So we have this ....

<bean id="myParallelizedOutputExecutor" class="">
    <constructor-arg value="${output.frequency}"/>
    <constructor-arg value="MINUTES"/>
    <property name="concurrency" value="10"/>

Could we inject a strategy to have the box help us out?

    <bean id="myParallelizedOutputExecutor" class="">
        <constructor-arg value="${output.frequency}"/>
        <constructor-arg value="MINUTES"/>
        <property name="concurrencyStrategy" ref="findMeSomeThreads"/>

<bead id="findMeSomeThreads" class "MachineBasedAllocationStrategy" >
              <property name="machineHint" value="HYPER_THREADED"
                 <!-- helps us NOT eat up the whole box and choke...-->

<bead id="findMeSomeThreads" class "WeightedThreadAllocationStrategy" >
              <property name="relativeWeight" value="0.7" />
               <!-- distribute  the # of threads ACROSS pools ...-->

# The above is just some observations  -- perhaps the strategies form a compound / decorated kind of configuration.

This is more of an enhancement - not an "issue" per-se


Ok Bill. I changed it to an "enhancement."

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