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See the Dempsy User Guide.

If you prefer, you can go straight to the initial tutorial "Simple Example"

The Dempsy Examples repository has several versions of the WordCount example. When reading through the "Simple Example" you'll want to be viewing the code in the userguide-wordcount sub-project.

Dempsy recognizes three types of developers and the api documentation is organized accordingly.

Developer Description Api Documentation
Application Developer Developers that are going to build real-time stream based analytics fall into this category. Application Developer Api Documentation
Framework Developer Dempsy is built on a set of abstractions that allow it to be extended with new transports, routing strategies, monitoring techniques, as well as others. Developers interested in adding new implementations or techniques fall into this category. This Api extends the Applicaiton Developer Api above. Framework Developer Api Documentation
Dempsy Contributors Any developer changing the existing framework or any of the default implementations of the core abstractions will need the complete Api documentation for the entire codebase. The Complete Api Documentation

This Api documentation is currently for the 0.9 revision.