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ReloadCMS «Malachi»

Stable release of 23.05.2014.

ReloadCMS is a full-featured, small, simple and flexible Content Management System for web sites.
ReloadCMS was designed for small and medium projects that need CMS that will run even on a cheap servers.
This CMS is best choise for micro business company.

ReloadCMS features

All CMS’ data is kept in flat files, so no database server is needed.
Standart modules like articles, pages, files archive, statistics, forum, feedback etc.
Great abilities for localisation: you can localise not only interface but all content of website.
Good security system: very extensive control over user rights
Templates support: simply create your design for website using our templates system.
Flexible modules system: if you haven’t found your module in standart package, you can simply create your own.


  • PHP 5+
  • Safe mode off
  • Direct hands


  • Primarily you must upload ReloadCMS distribution to your host.
  • If your host is based on UNIX-Like OS you must recursively set rights 0777 for directories ‘backups’, ‘config’,‘content’ and ‘uploads’. You can test rights by running ./tools/rights_test.php from ReloadCMS distribution.
  • Then you must register your first user (that will be Root administrator of your site) and log in with selected username and password. Now you can go to Administration and configure your site.
You can find more detailed installation information on


Main method

  • Log in to GitHub
  • Fork the ReloadCMS Repository. Click "Fork" and you'll have your copy of the ReloadCMS files.
  • Edit files within your fork.
  • Submit a Pull Request.
      Click "Pull Prequest"
    • Enter a Message that will go with your commit
    • Click “Send Pull Request”

Alternativelly method

  • Log in to GitHub
  • Finding the file you want to edit in ReloadCMS repository at
  • Navigate to the code view and click "Edit".
  • Edit the file as you like then click "Propose File Change"

Special thanks

NightFly, ReloadCMS Team - for support - ideas for context-sensitive help - for an excellent system - a cool image manager - an excellent framework for all - a visual editor, which can be used even housewives :) — a css framework - for clues in difficult times and translation this file.


Read more from changements in changelog.txt (in russian)
Plans in todo.txt (in russian)
The release developer:
Support the project:
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