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Static site generator for HTML templates
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Static site generator for HTLM templates.


I needed a tool to quickly generate multiple static HTML pages with the same header/footer/navigation.
I didn't need a complete markdown-based static site generator like Hugo or Jykell, but just some simple HTML themes.

So if you're expecting a full-grown magic framework to write your blog, take a look at 'real things'.

I only created Koekr to help me create static websites for clients.


  1. Create an config.toml file and add some variables to it.
    Example of config:

     title = "Koekr"
     url = ""
     name = "DenBeke"
     year = 2017
  2. Create HTML files in the pages directory. The complete content of those files can be accessed in index.html like this: {{ .page.content }} If you want to add variables to your pages, you can do so by writing TOML, enclosed by ---.
    Example of a page:

     title = "Hello world!"
  3. Create an index.html page and use the variables you defined.
    Example of the index template:

     <!DOCTYPE html>
         <title>{{ .site.title }}</title>
         <h1>{{ .page.title }}</h1>
             &copy; {{ .copyright.year }} - {{ }}
  4. Put your assets in the assets directory. That directory gets copied to generated/assets each time you run Koekr.

  5. Run Koekr from the command line:

     $ koekr

    Use the --watch command line argument if you want Koekr to listen for file changes. Koekr listens for:

    • Changes in the assets directory (not in subdirectories at the moment)
    • Changes in the pages directory (not in subdirectories at the moment)
    • Changes to the config file
    • Changes to the template file (only if it's a single file at the moment)
  6. Profit!


Mathias Beke

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