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Jeroen Claassens Favna
Software Engineer for @CGI_NL. Free time spend on Node development.

CGI Netherlands

Nathan Rempel Khazius
Triple Startup CTO, EOSIO Smart Contract Developer and Mentor, Full Stack Development

@KarmaApp @ParslTech @airdropsdac @EOS-Nation Melbourne, VIC, Australia

I. Dan Calinescu idancali
H > m. Let's build transformational human-centered Digital Products that make our world more human, in the machine era.

@fluidtrends Cluj, Romania

Marc-Antoine Ross errows


Alexandre Bourget abourget

CTO @ Montreal, Canada

Dexter Yang dexteryy
JS Hacker, Archmage of GUI, Web App Dev, Virtual World Builder, Fictional World Enthusiast, SF/F Nerd, Hardcore PC Gamer, Anime/Comic Otaku

ByteDance Beijing, China

Robert Konsdorf robrigo

EOS Detroit Detroit

Nathan James nsjames
I'm just code that likes to compile.
Vivek 3vivekb

San Jose, CA

Franz Lutzenberger zee-german
gender-queer jane of all trades and master of some

antwerpes AG Cologne

Moacir P. de Sá Pereira muziejus
Scholar/collaborator of literature and space, using data to generate new research questions. Wikipedia and ice water.

New York, NY

Minh Nguyễn 1ec5
Ardent defender of diacritics everywhere

@mapbox San José, California, United States

Jamie Kyle jamiebuilds

@discord Oakland, CA

Anand Thakker anandthakker

@desmosinc Philadelphia, PA

Ben Abelshausen xivk
Manages @itinero @anyways-open @osmbe and @OsmSharp and still has time for other stuff!

@anyways-open Belgium

Bryan Housel bhousel
now: · @KaartGroup maintainer of @ideditor, @osmlab and other open mapping curios · · join @osmus · he/him

@KaartGroup New Providence, NJ

Alexander Milevski w8r
Maps, visual art, crowdsourcing, image processing

Wikimapia Paris

Tracey Lauriault TraceyLauriault
Assistant Professor, Critical Media and Big Data

Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Gregor MacLennan gmaclennan
Technology Director at Digital Democracy. Open source and peer-to-peer advocate.

@digidem San Francisco, CA

Kira Oakley noffle
plants, friends, punk-2-punk tech

Oakland, CA

Manuel Claeys Bouuaert mclaeysb
I'm into maps, maths and geometry - and many other aspects of life which I'm glad I can commit to without using git.

@coopiteasy Mostly Belgium, sometimes (0,0)

Leo Arias elopio
dev at @OpenZeppelin, jaquer at @JaquerEspeis

@OpenZeppelin Costa Rica

Samuel Attard MarshallOfSound
I program... When I'm not programming I'm sleeping. When I'm not sleeping I'm programming. See how this works? :D

@SlackHQ Vancouver, Canada

Zeke Sikelianos zeke
Friendly open-source person internationalizing @github, @nodejs, and @electron. Previously @npm and @heroku

@github Berkeley, CA

Justin Kelly SirPolaris
Owner and Founder of @Citizen-Group a social enterprise for creating good though technology. Developing for Ottawa, Canada. Sponsorships welcomed.

@Citizen-Group Ottawa, Canada

Sarah Drasner sdras
comprehension over configuration

Netlify All over the place

Bob Lannon boblannon
Developer. #nlproc, data science, machine learning. Compulsive helper. Almost a linguist one time. I ❤️ search and ETL

@Blackfynn Philadelphia, PA

Martijn van Exel mvexel
the map man that map can

geospatial omnivore Salt Lake City

Blake Girardot bgirardot
An open source software and data enthusiast with a special love for OSM, humanitarian and crisis mapping.
John-David Dalton jdalton
JavaScript tinkerer, bug fixer, & benchmark runner • Creator of Lodash • Salesforce UI Security Engineer (former MS Web Platform DX PM, Chakra Perf PM)


Kevin O'Donnell kevinodotnet

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Shayan Eskandari shayanb
ConsenSys Diligence \\ Senior Blockchain Engineer \\ PhD Candidate \\ Security geek

@ConsenSys, Concordia University Montreal, QC

Bobby Sudekum bsudekum
iOS Engineer @lyft

@Lyft San Francisco, CA

Mike Gifford mgifford
President of OpenConcept Consulting Inc., Drupal 8 Core Accessibility Maintainer, Co-founder of CivicTech Ottawa, B Corporation owner & advocate.

OpenConcept Consulting Inc. Ottawa

Rowan Winsemius rowanwins
Mostly coding geospatial stuff

Canberra, Australia

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