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Making SSL-Certificates

Creates keys and certificate requests via openssl. It tries to keep files, if there exist. But if you change one file, files which depend on it, will be recreated by this program.



You need GNU-make and openssl. sslmake is a Makefile, so you really need make!


First clone this git-repository. Or download only sslmake.

YOu only need to copy it to a directory, which found in your $PATH.

install --owner root --group root --mode 0755 -t /usr/local/bin sslmake

But it's possible to run sslmake local, so, you do not need any install.

./sslmake exmaple.cnf


All files will be replaced, if files which it depends on, are newer. For example, if you create the example.key, and you run sslmake example.csr, your CSR will be replaced be a new. But if your CSR is newer than the KEY, it will not replace your CSR.

First Use

If you creates something a first time, then you are alright here. Renewing and removing will follow in 'Second Use'.

  • Create the config:

      sslmake example.cnf

    This will copy /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf to local directory. Now you edit this file and you can do next step. Important are commonName_default and so on. If you do not know the openssl.cnf, you should read a openssl-howto about openssl.cnf.

  • Create the KEY:

      sslmake exmaple.key

    It will create a key-file example.key with a 4096 bit strong rsa.

  • Create the CSR:

      sslmake example.csr

    This will use example.cnf as configfile and creates a key and the csr if didn't exists. Everything in one step.


Console-tool for creating ssl-key/-csr(/-crt) and -pem.



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