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Reviews Node Apps

This is a web app to store, retrieve and update book reviews. I've been on a reading spurt lately, sci fi and more and wanted to record my thoughts on these books as well as try out new technologies.

The stack:

  • Book reviews are stored in a mongodb collection
  • I use node js as web server to serve pages, handle requests and do mongodb crud
  • I use backbone.js on the frontend along with html, css and jquery
  • This web app is hosted on nodejitsu which also hosts mongodb. The app also works locally.
  • I also plan to call the Google library api to retrieve more data (e.g. image) for the books. Ultimately I want to use a web framework like express but for now any rolling my own as a learning exercise.

In software, learning by doing is king, so this is a means for me to learn node, mongodb and node jitsu.


Starting reviews locally from /reviews

node bin/server

Now you can visit http://localhost:8080 to view your application

Deploy helloworld to nodejitsu

jitsu deploy

You can see the app deployed on jitsu at:


  • how to put mongodb results into index.html page - done!
  • add some backbone - done-ish
  • save a new review to mongodb - done
  • pull in some data from google library api Search via isbn:
  • convert db access to a node module - done
  • I'm using home grown routing partly as a means to learn but a web framework like express would be better
  • investigate relational support in mongodb e.g. author information to book relationship

Nodejitsu handbook

References and Book


Is not a full stack framework like RoR. But there are add ons such as Express which is a web framework with MongoDB support built in. Jitsu are promoting the new Flatiron framework.


Collections are akin to tables in Relational DB. Collections store json documents.


List the dbs

jitsu databases list

MongoDB creation command I ran

jitsu databases create mongo reviewsMongo

info: Welcome to Nodejitsu deniskos info: jitsu v0.9.8 info: It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok info: Executing command databases create mongo reviewsMongo info: A new mongo has been created data: Database Type: mongo data: Database Name: reviewsMongo data: Connection url: mongodb:// help:
help: Connect with the mongo cli client: help:
$ mongo -u nodejitsu -p a3bf2896d17cbf1cd4068210f8fa9bb8 help:
help: Connect with the mongodb-native module: help:
var mongodb = require('mongodb'); var db = new mongodb.Db('nodejitsudb93315994410', new mongodb.Server('', 10042, {}) ); (err, db_p) { if (err) { throw err; } db.authenticate('nodejitsu', 'a3bf2896d17cbf1cd4068210f8fa9bb8', function (err, replies) { // You are now connected and authenticated. }); }); help:
help: Connect with the mongoose module: help:
var mongoose = require('mongoose'); mongoose.connect('mongodb://'); help:
info: Nodejitsu ok