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Popup Menu Brackets

This is an extension created for Brackets 1.3 or later.

In Context menu

  • Add additional functionality to Brackets editor like: cut, copy, paste, comment line, comment block and save all,Sync Split View Toggle .

In a Sub-Context menu call Convert to

  • Add additional functionality to Brackets editor like: Camel Case, UPPERCASE, lowercase, Encode HTML Entity, Encode Named HTML Entity, decode HTML Entity, Encode URI, Decode URI
Languages supported (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean, Russian).

Please help me to translate it in other languages!

Extension installation

Installing into Brackets

  1. Choose File > Extension Manager...
  2. Search for "Pop-up menu Brackets"
  3. Click the Install button

Or more informations [here] (

Help wanted

  • This extension is unfortunately not yet support multi cursors. If anyone can help by creating a PR is well accepted!


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