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Watcher is a from Sovietball developed programm to fight hackers / cheaters in CS:CO.

How it works:

On CS:CO servers supporting our plugin you are able to report hackers with !report in the chat or sm_report in console. The reports will be collected and after an automatic verification we create a "Watcher Case" on our page, allowing you to join the server where the suspect person is playing. You will never know who the suspect is, but we give you some random gamers and one of them is a maybe hacking person. A "Watcher Case" will be verified by multiple persons and if close to everybody thinks that the same person is hacking an admin will check the suspect. If there is sufficient evidence the suspect will get a verified global Watcher ban. If a person has a Watcher ban he will not be able to join any servers with our plugin.

Rules for "Watcher Case":

1) You can't judge friends 2) You can't judge suspect players you reported 3) You have to play at least 5 minutes with the suspect 4) You can rate the same suspect only 1 time each 6 month 5) People with a high rate of false positives will be excluded
Admins can ban players everytime for example rage hacking persons. But Admins are only allowed to ban if they have see that with their own eyes.

Getting involved:

The service is free. You only have to put our Plugin into your Sourcemod supporting CS:CO server and your Server is Watcher protected. Our plugin is open-source. You can get the code and the plugin here (Github).

Support Watcher:

You can support us with a donation or you can help us in the development of Watcher if you got some skills we need. At the moment we are searching for SourcePawn and Web developers. Just make contact with Sovietball if you want to help us. Also joining our Steamcommunity helps to make Watcher famous.

Our motto: We let 100 hackers pass our verification instead of banning 1 clean player.


1) Drag the addons folder into your csco server.
2) changelevel or "rcon sm plugins load cowatcher" in console without the ""

How to use

write !report in the chat (not recommended, because all players on the server can see that)
write "sm_report" in your console without the ""


!report or sm_report
Watchers can join the game

Also helpful

bind "your_key" "sm_report" to bind the report menu on a key

Please Notice

All old version of this programm (csco-reporter) will not work anymore.