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An ERC20 token on Ethereum, designed to tackle climate change. Climate remediation efforts are funded by the inflation of the currency supply. Donate ETH to any curated project you choose, get climatecoins in return.

The economics is similar to ETH itself: a fixed number of coins are minted per week, and divided proportionally among all the miners. It's just that our "miners" are donating funds to climate efforts, instead of burning electricity.

Users can also choose to destroy their climatecoins. This gives a way to integrate with government carbon fee programs, potentially having a far greater impact than we could achieve by supply inflation alone.

For a full non-technical writeup see the current ClimateColab entry.

This protocol has been in development for several years, and published annually on MIT's ClimateColab:

Climatecoin in 2014.

Climatecoin2015 made semi-finalist. Code is here in the "Climatecoin2015" branch.

Climatecoin2016 made finalist.

After the 2016 entry, an idea for governance is presented in this blog post.


Tackling climate change with Ethereum



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