Tool to create short, social media compatible videos for the promotion of podcasts.
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Podcast Promo Maker

Dennis Eckmeier, 2018

The Podcast Promo Maker V0.0.4 creates a simple promo video for a podcast for social media. The output is formatted and encoded so it fits recommendations by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (also works for Pinterest):

- max duration 60 s
- video: MP4 (H.264), 30 fps, 1024k bitrate, 640x640 Px
- audio: AAC (Low Complexity), 64k mono, 128k stereo


- Python 3.7
- FFMpeg (added to PATH)
- numpy
- scipy
- matplotlib

Developed under Windows 10


In the script file you will find the following section, some of which you need to modify, some of which you may modify, and some of which you should not touch:

audio settings dictionary:

filename key: name of the source wav file

volume key: volume of the sound output (default: '14dB')

bitrate key: sound compression (default: '128k')

codec key: sound codec (default:'aac')

bkg_filename name of the background image file

au_plot dictionary (settings for the audio wave plots):

height key: height of the wave plot in the image

Ypos key: Position of plot origin along the inverted y axis

nChan: number of channels to plot (doesn't do anything atm)

new_vid dictionary:

filename key: name of the output file

fps key: output video frame rate (default:30)

size key: output dimension in px: (default: [640,640])

dpi key: figure resolution (default:150)

codec key: output video mp3 codec (default:'h264')

bitrate key: output video compression bitrate (default:1024)


title key: The title of the episode.

artist key: your name

comment key: Your opportunity to mention Podcast Promo Maker!

text_p dictionary

xpos and ypos keys: x and y position of the text (inverted y axis!)

text key: the text.

color, fontname, weight, **size, horizontalalignment, and verticalalignment are formatting settings (see matplotlib.pyplot.text())