Toy language used as an example to show use of lex/yacc
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This is a toy language meant to be used as an example of creating a simple interpreter using lex/yacc.

In summary, this interpreter can compute any arithmetic operation expressed with +, -, *, / and parenthesis. Similarly, double-quoted strings are allowed in the language. Though computations will take place for each line in the language, only lines preceeded with "print" will yield an observable result. There are no variables in the language or any other useful constructs.

Other language features have been explicitly omitted to keep the example useful but not too contrived. Comments are supported by placing a double-quoted string on its own line without a "print" statement.


Run the following command (assuming you have lex, yacc, and cc installed):

$ make


An example script is as follows

1 + 3 * 3
"I act as a comment (though I'm parsed, I'm not observable)"
print "Test.. This works!"
print "Result 1 (should be 2): " @ 1+2*3/6 @ ", Result 2 (on same line. should be 16): " @ (8*2)+(3*4)*0
"some string that won't be displayed since we didn't print... But it still parses :D"
1*2/8 @ "same thing with this string and its results" @ 4
print "Nice print ..." @ 4 @ "... Done!"