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hot-fixing an off-by-one error


This is the shortened change log:
- Windows support: Fetch the latest develop branch build from
- MinGW compiler support
- Parallelization now uses Intel Thread Building blocks, bringing feature parity to all supported platforms
- Significant query speed improvements, about twice as fast
- The distance table feature does not need any zoom level anymore. Finds best nearest edge automatically
- First compressed and succinct data structure to improve memory footprint
- Improved and faster heuristics for polyline generalization
- Fixes a resource leak on shutdown
- Shared-Memory parallel sorting where applicable
- Lots of smaller and bigger changes to the code base
- Lots of code improvements thanks to C++11 and static analysis tools
- Better control the number of used threads during extraction and preprocessing
- Updated NodeJS bindings [2] supporting the new distance table API endpoint


This is the shortened change log:
- new API call: efficient distance table computation
- use 100 locations at max for dist table (for now)
- JSON output generation through a dedicated JSON container
- deactivate LTO on debug build
- fix performance regression in preprocessing
- use static assertions for better source code correctness
- add some static asserts to guard against memory usage regressions
- do less work when compressing geometries
- move most geometric calculations to float
- replace boost::unordered_map, move hash function for pairs into its own header
- refactor route name extraction into its own class, fix name extraction
- further includes untangling
- introduce range based for loops to traverse graphs
- further boost by STL replacements
- use lookup tables from some trigonometry functions
- fix compile regression in debug build
- further code improvements and bug fixes

Please not the following (minor) breaking changes:

- the JSON formatted output now omits empty, i.e. unused fields
- the response file names are now response.js(on) or route.gpx


gain a pretty big release with more than 150 commits:
- modernized code base to use C++11 language features
- decluttered the code base touching virtually every line of code
- cut down on static analyzer warnings
- much better linking performance on GCC 4.9
- fixed extraction on 32 bit systems (while officially unsupported)


bug fix release for a serious performance regression


This is again a pretty big release with more than 170 commits (adding…
… about 1500 LOCs). And it is the first release in a series to bring major improvements in memory usage. Depending on the size and location of the extract, you can expect 25--45% improvements.

This is the shortened change log:

- compress all road geometries (49% on the planet for cars)
- make all error messages JSON
- activated link time optimizations by default
- more test scenarios (25+)
- use forward decl's to cut compile times
- ongoing effort to make code more legible
- several lints fixed that were detected by facebooks flint
- several lints fixed that were detected by Coveritys static analyzer
- several lints fixed that were detected by OCLint
- remove remnants of C-Style
- add clang-format style file


The release is the result of hard work of all contributors and comes …
…at a hefty count of 278 commits. The shortened changelog is this:

- Fix performance regression in JSON generation
- Update and enhance test suite
- Activate link time optimizations
- Update speed profiles to be more realistic
- CMake now adds RPATH info to executables
- Refactored some code for better readability
- Removed pesky function ptr from CRC32 computation
- Enhanced feedback on command line options
- Escape characters in JSON instead of HTML-entetizing
- Decode URI-encoded requests
- Fix a possible path quality regression
- General support for non-X86(-64) targets, e.g. Raspberry Pi
- Remove remaining C-style function calls
- Fix minor GPX export issue
- Fix resource leak, coverity issue #1121924
- Generate pkgconfig file
- Compile and install libOSRM as static lib
- Lint removal in CMakeLists.txt
- Refactor perpendicular projection to nearest location
- Untangling includes to cut down compile time
- More precise line generalizations
- Make nearest neighbor queries more efficient
- And many, many more smaller and bigger changes


Merging changes from develop branch to prepare for v.0.3.6 branch


additional translations,
names for routes and alternatives,
route description markers visible on map when hovering over
the description


leaflet 0.4.4,
multiple routing engines,
qr codes,
gui buttons


alternative routes,
sorted nominatim search results,
additional languages,
and more


version 0.1.4
(main new feature: localization)


first version released on servers


Beta release of version 0.3
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