OpenJUMP MonetDB DataStore Plugin
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OpenJUMP MonetDB DataStore Plugin

See for general download and installations instructions of this plugin. The rest of this document provides instructions for development/compilation of this plugin.


To work on this plugin Maven is used to setup the project and its dependencies.

First install the dependencies with the following command-line command:

mvn clean install

If this is successful create an Eclipse project with the following command:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

Now you can go to your Eclipse, go to File -> Import, and 'Import existing project' and select the directory of the plugin.

To compile your own JAR of the plugin run the following Eclipse command:

mvn jar:jar

This will create a new JAR file into the target directory.

Missing OpenJUMP dependency?

It is highly likely that the above instructions will fail due to a missing dependency, namely the OpenJUMP jar. To fix this you must download the OpenJUMP jar yourself (from and import the OpenJUMP-X.X.X-*.jar into your local Maven repository with the following command:

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=OpenJUMP-X.X.X-*.jar -DgroupId=org.openjump -DartifactId=OpenJUMP -Dversion=X.X.X -Dpackaging=pom

Please take care to replace the necessary parts (X.X.X and the *) yourself with the correct strings.

After you have run this command your local Maven repository should have now have the OpenJUMP dependency and Maven should be able to compile the plugin.