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lecture-slides.js Presentation Template

Getting Started

This is the recommended project structure for a lecture-slides.js presentation. Simply download this repository and start hacking it. It couldn't be easier. :-)

  • Download this repository (Clone or download » Download ZIP)
  • Extract anywhere on your computer
  • Install needed packages
  • Hack away

In order to install the needed dependencies open a terminal, cd to the directory where this project lives and run the following command:

$ npm install

The project may contain as many presentations as you like. Each one of them is just a HTML file in the static directory. See static/index.html for an example. While you're writing you can use the built-in web server to run your slides:

$ npm run devserver

This will run a web server, listening on http://localhost:8080

Uploading to a Web Server

Once you are done, build a static version and upload it to any web server:

$ npm run build

That's all. Now run the development server and have a look at the example slides.


This example is in English. If you want to translate the User Interface, simply edit the index.js. It is only a few strings.


lecture-slides.js uses the Affero GPL 3. This example however uses a 3-clause BSD license, because you may not want to use the GPL on your slides. :-) Well if you do, hat off to you, but of course you don't have to.

lecture-slides.js_ (https://www.github.com/DennisSchulmeister/lecture-slides.js)
This template: (https://www.github.com/DennisSchulmeister/ls-presentation-template)
© 2017 – 2018 Dennis Schulmeister-Zimolong dennis@pingu-mail.de