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mini-tutorial.js template project (simple layout)
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mini-tutorial.js template project

Getting Started

This is the recommended project structure for a mini-tutorial.js document. Simply download this repository and start hacking it. It couldn't be easier. :-)

  • Download this repository (Clone or download » Download ZIP)
  • Extract anywhere on your computer
  • Install needed packages
  • Hack away

Use the following commands while working on a document:

  • npm install to install all dependencies
  • npm run start to open a browser for a live preview
  • npm run build to build a static version for uploading on a webserver
  • npm run watch to rebuild after each change without starting a local server
  • npm run clean to just clean the dist directory

The project may contain as many documents as you like. Each one of them is just a HTML file in the src directory. See src/index.html for an example.


And here comes the obligatory screenshot. This is just a simple layout using the builtin white.css theme. The Table of Contents is directly above the text.


Other templates


mini-tutorial.js uses the Affero GPL 3. This example however uses a 3-clause BSD license, because you may not want to use the GPL on your documents. :-) Well if you do, hat off to you, but of course you don't have to.

mini-tutorial.js (
This template: (
© 2018 Dennis Schulmeister-Zimolong

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