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README - Version 1.0

1. Ruby 1.9.2 (Windows installer can be download from my github page under downloads or on linux can be compiled from source)
2. Rubygame (Optional)
3. RMagik (Optional)

*How to run

1. Extract the downloaded archive.
2. Open up terminal/cmd and navigate to the extracted folder.
3. run "Game.rb"


smn = Summon a monster
spl = Activate spell card
trp = Set a trap
settrp = Set a trap (alternative to trp)
atrp = Activate a trap
lp = Show lifepoints
hc = Show hand count
mf = Show monster field
mfi = Show detailed info of all monsters on your field
gv = Show graveyard
exit = Exit's the game
help = Lists commands and can also give you a tutorial*
btl = Battle an enemy monster with one of your own		* Only in 2 player mode
turn = Output the current players turn
hand = List the contents of your hand
decklist = Outputs all the cards in your deck (From start of game)

* Tutorial coming soon...

*Current Cards:

Celtic guardian
Pot of Greed
Trap Hole
Spike Seadra
Lightning Vortex
Giant Soldier of Stone
Monster Reborn
Obnoxious Celtic Guard
Summoned Skull
Dark Magician
Hand Destruction
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Fortune Lady Water
Sakuretsu Armor
Mythical Beast Cerberus

*Known Bugs: