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Jan-2019: syntax highlighting (comments only so far)
02-Jul-2018: DBI examples: minesweeper and WinRAR
15-Sep-2016: More fundamentals and examples
14-Sep-2016: More of my blog posts are copypasted into the book
06-Sep-2016: Blog posts about FAT12 and fortune file has been copypasted into the book
05-Sep-2016: Blog posts about entropy and encrypted DB case #1 has been
copypasted into the book
22-Jul-2016: Russian only: new example: ancient "Marriage" DOS game hack
20-Jul-2016: The book is now licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 (like Wikipedia)
instead of CC NC-ND 3.0.
16-Jul-2016: Blog posts about C/C++ pointers has been copypasted into the book
14-Jul-2016: No more LITE version, which was somewhat unpopular
04-Nov-2015: All exercises has been moved to
21-Mar-2015: toupper() function example
18-Mar-2015: Lite (introductory) version
01-Mar-2015: Java examples
04-Dec-2014: restructured: "code patterns" part splitted into "code patterns" and "more advanced examples"
19-Nov-2014: Norton Guide: simplest XOR encryption
11-Nov-2014: a lot of MIPS examples
20-Oct-2014: more about TLS and TLS callbacks.
03-Oct-2014: atoi() example.
24-Sep-2014: calculating machine epsilon examples (IEEE 754); Duff's device example;
pointer to function argument example; variadic functions example;
endianness example.
07-Aug-2014: ~800 pages!
01-Aug-2014: new code pattern: conditional operator
31-Jul-2014: Minesweeper (Windows XP) cheat example
30-Jul-2014: Color Lines game practical joke; Oracle .MSB files example
29-Jul-2014: simple cheating in Millenium DOS game
21-Jul-2014: Oracle .SYM files example
11-Jun-2014: The book has now ~700 pages.
09-Jun-2014: Fibonacci example
28-Apr-2014: A5 version for e-book readers
06-Apr-2014: new exercise: data compressor with a bug
30-Mar-2014: simple patching examples
29-Mar-2014: simple example of cracking simple hash-function by Z3 SMT-solver
25-Mar-2014: more exercises; short GCC, GDB, MSVC, OllyDbg cheatsheets.
05-Mar-2014: text strings, unicode. 520 pages!
04-Mar-2014: Fahrenheit to Celsius converter
03-Mar-2014: examples: "10 PRINT" demo, EICAR test file
27-Feb-2014: working with float point numbers using SIMD in x64
26-Feb-2014: more exercises added
25-Feb-2014: some basic examples are extended to x86-64
10-Feb-2014: win16 code examples, IDA cheatsheet.
05-Feb-2014: Obfuscation
03-Feb-2014: Incorrectly disassembled code examples
02-Feb-2014: Title was changed to a shorter "Reverse Engineering for Beginners".
31-Jan-2014: 64-bit in 32-bit environment
28-Jan-2014: SEH3/4
25-Jan-2014: CRT (win32)
16-Jan-2014: OpenMP
10-Jan-2014: C++ STL std::map, std::set
Getting divisor in division by multiplication cases
05-Jan-2014: C++ STL std::vector, INT3.
04-Jan-2014: C++ STL std::list.
29-Dec-2013: C++ ostream, C++ STL std::string.
12-Dec-2013: Itanium; Profile-guided optimization (Oracle RDBMS example).
09-Dec-2013: REP/REPE/REPNE prefixes, MOVSx, SCASx, STOSx, CMPSx instructions.
01-Dec-2013: LOCK prefix, critical sections.
29-Nov-2013: (examples) 1) dongle-protected software for SCO OpenServer; 2) another for MS-DOS
28-Nov-2013: (examples) dongle-protected software for Mac OS Classic and PowerPC. The book has now 300 pages!
05-Nov-2013: (exercises) vulnerable toy webserver.
01-Nov-2013: a lot of exercises added.
29-Oct-2013: Not a quick anymore, but still for beginners.
Title was changed to "An introduction to reverse engineering for beginners".
20-Oct-2013: LD_PRELOAD
19-Oct-2013: PE file format.
13-Aug-2013: pointers, C++ references.
10-Aug-2013: ARM CPU, C99 restrict keyword.
03-Jul-2013: C++ objects, Oracle RDBMS examples.
15-Mar-2013: Initial published version, TeX form.
12-Mar-2013: First git commit, TeX form.
2010: The very first parts has been published at in Russian language.