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\Huge 翻訳者求む!




\href{}{Read here}.

We already have something in \href{}{German},
\href{}{French}, a bit in
\href{}{Portuguese} and


だから私に連絡するのをためらうことはありません: \GTT{\EMAIL}


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\FR{Contenus abrégés}
\FR{Contenus abrégés}%

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\fi % POLISH


% sections
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There are several popular meanings of the term \q{\gls{reverse engineering}}:


1) The reverse engineering of software; researching compiled programs

2) The scanning of 3D structures and the subsequent digital manipulation required in order to duplicate them

3) Recreating \ac{DBMS} structure

This book is about the first meaning.


Basic knowledge of the C \ac{PL}.
Recommended reading: \myref{CCppBooks}.

\subsection*{Exercises and tasks}

can be found at: \url{}.

\subsection*{About the author}
\begin{tabularx}{\textwidth}{ l X }


Dennis Yurichev is an experienced reverse engineer and programmer.
He can be contacted by email: \textbf{\EMAIL{}} or Skype: \textbf{dennis.yurichev}.

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% subsections:

\subsection*{About the Korean translation}

In January 2015, the Acorn publishing company (\href{}{}) in South Korea did a huge amount of work in translating and publishing
this book (as it was in August 2014) into Korean.

It's available now at \href{}{their website}.


The translator is Byungho Min (\href{}{twitter/tais9}).
The cover art was done by the artistic Andy Nechaevsky, a friend of the author:
Acorn also holds the copyright to the Korean translation.

So, if you want to have a \IT{real} book on your shelf in Korean and
want to support this work, it is now available for purchase.

\subsection*{About the Persian/Farsi translation}

In 2016 the book was translated by Mohsen Mostafa Jokar (who is also known to Iranian community for his translation of Radare manual\footnote{\url{}}).
It is available on the publisher’s website\footnote{\url{}} (Pendare Pars).

Here is a link to a 40-page excerpt: \url{}.

National Library of Iran registration information: \url{}.

\subsection*{About the Chinese translation}

In April 2017, translation to Chinese was completed by Chinese PTPress. They are also the Chinese translation copyright holders.

The Chinese version is available for order here: \url{}. A partial review and history behind the translation can be found here: \url{}.

The principal translator is Archer, to whom the author owes very much. He was extremely meticulous (in a good sense) and reported most of the known mistakes and bugs, which is very important in literature such as this book.
The author would recommend his services to any other author!

The guys from \href{}{Antiy Labs} has also helped with translation. \href{}{Here is preface} written by them.
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\chapter{Books/blogs worth reading}

\section{Books and other materials}

\subsection{Reverse Engineering}


Also, Kris Kaspersky's books.





\subsection{x86 / x86-64}

\item Intel manuals\footnote{\AlsoAvailableAs \url{}}

\item AMD manuals\footnote{\AlsoAvailableAs \url{}}

\item \AgnerFog{}\footnote{\AlsoAvailableAs \url{}}

\item \AgnerFogCC{}\footnote{\AlsoAvailableAs \url{}}

\item \IntelOptimization

\item \AMDOptimization

Somewhat outdated, but still interesting to read:

\MAbrash\footnote{\AlsoAvailableAs \url{}}
(he is known for his work on low-level optimization for such projects as Windows NT 3.1 and id Quake).


\item ARM manuals\footnote{\AlsoAvailableAs \url{}}

\item \ARMSevenRef

\item \ARMSixFourRefURL

\item \ARMCookBook\footnote{\AlsoAvailableAs \url{}}

\subsection{Assembly language}

Richard Blum --- Professional Assembly Language.





\subsection{Programming in general}


\item \RobPikePractice

\item \HenryWarren.

\item (For hard-core geeks with computer science and mathematical background) Donald E. Knuth, \IT{The Art of Computer Programming}.


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