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Dec-2018 Heavily updated.
Jun-2018 megaupdate: now ~450 pp.
May-2018 Russian version is not supported anymore. Maybe I'll rework it in future, or maybe not.
Only English version is now available.
Mar-2018 Better title, Cribbage problem, many posts from moved here
5-Oct-2017 Rubik's cube
2-Oct-2017 Gray code for Z3 and MaxSAT, Integer factorization for Z3 and SAT, bizarre XOR alternative and SAT,
tiling puzzle using Z3.
20-Sep-2017 Alphametics
1-Sep-2017 Simple XOR encryption, de Bruijn sequences, package manager, minimizing test cases, xkcd #287,
simplifying long expressions.
27-Aug-2017 Discrete tomography.
25-Aug-2017 Zebra puzzle in SAT.
24-Aug-2017 Eight queens puzzle in SAT, simplest SAT solver, Sudoku in SAT.
28-Feb-2016 First published on Internet:
December 2015 Work has begun.
August 2012: Rockey dongle article has been published:
Other history items can be obtained from git repo: