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_HEADER_HL1(`19-Aug-2013: Bug or typo or?..')
<p>Just found this in ftol2() standard C/C++ library function (float-to-long conversion routine) in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.</p>
.text:00000036 public __ftol2
.text:00000036 __ftol2 proc near ; CODE XREF: $$000000+7
.text:00000036 ; __ftol2_sse_excpt+7
.text:00000036 push ebp
.text:00000037 mov ebp, esp
.text:00000039 sub esp, 20h
.text:0000003C and esp, 0FFFFFFF0h
.text:0000003F fld st
.text:00000041 fst dword ptr [esp+18h]
.text:00000045 fistp qword ptr [esp+10h]
.text:00000049 fild qword ptr [esp+10h]
.text:0000004D mov edx, [esp+18h]
.text:00000051 mov eax, [esp+10h]
.text:00000055 test eax, eax
.text:00000057 jz short integer_QnaN_or_zero
.text:00000059 arg_is_not_integer_QnaN: ; CODE XREF: __ftol2+69
.text:00000059 fsubp st(1), st
.text:0000005B test edx, edx
.text:0000005D jns short positive
.text:0000005F fstp dword ptr [esp]
.text:00000062 mov ecx, [esp]
.text:00000065 xor ecx, 80000000h
.text:0000006B add ecx, 7FFFFFFFh
.text:00000071 adc eax, 0
.text:00000074 mov edx, [esp+14h]
.text:00000078 adc edx, 0
.text:0000007B jmp short localexit
.text:0000007D ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
.text:0000007D positive: ; CODE XREF: __ftol2+27
.text:0000007D fstp dword ptr [esp]
.text:00000080 mov ecx, [esp]
.text:00000083 add ecx, 7FFFFFFFh
.text:00000089 sbb eax, 0
.text:0000008C mov edx, [esp+14h]
.text:00000090 sbb edx, 0
.text:00000093 jmp short localexit
.text:00000095 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
.text:00000095 integer_QnaN_or_zero: ; CODE XREF: __ftol2+21
.text:00000095 mov edx, [esp+14h]
.text:00000099 test edx, 7FFFFFFFh
.text:0000009F jnz short arg_is_not_integer_QnaN
.text:000000A1 fstp dword ptr [esp+18h]
.text:000000A5 fstp dword ptr [esp+18h]
.text:000000A9 localexit: ; CODE XREF: __ftol2+45
.text:000000A9 ; __ftol2+5D
.text:000000A9 leave
.text:000000AA retn
.text:000000AA __ftol2 endp
<p>Note two identical FSTP-s (float store with pop) and the end.
First I thought it was compiler anomaly (I'm collecting such cases just as someone do with butterflies), but it seems, it's handwritten assembler piece, in msvcrt.lib there is an object file with this function in it, and we can find this string in it: "f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\SELF_X86\crt\prebuild\tran\i386\ftol2.asm" - that was probably a path to the file on developer's computer where msvcrt.lib was built.</p>
<p>So, bug, text editor-induced typo, or feature?</p>