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Scripts for a headless factorio
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A Factotum for Headless Factorio!

A python manager to deploy and run headless factorio servers. By: Brian Ballsun-Stanton, Andrew Ardill, and James Zhao

Released under the GPL v3 License, 2016. No warranty of any kind, folks.


On ubuntu 14.04/16.04:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install python3-pip -y && echo /opt/factorio > $HOME/.factorioPath && sudo pip3 install factotum && factotum fulldeploy && source $HOME/.bashrc

On other systems:

sudo pip3 install factotum


  • factotum --help

    • This provides all Factory Factotum commands.
  • factotum COMMAND --help

    • This provides help for each Factory Factotum command.
  • factotum fulldeploy

    • Runs install, authenticate, newmap, setup.
  • factotum install

    • Installs factorio (default /opt/factorio, override with a new path in ~/.factorioPath)
  • factotum authenticate --username <Username>

    • Gets your authentication token from factorio servers so your password isn't stored in plaintext.
  • factotum newmap

    • Generates a new map from a config file in FACTORIOHOME/config/mapsettings.json
  • factotum setup --servername "Server Name Here" --description "Server Description Here" --tag "Tag 1" --tag "Tag n"

    • Configures the settings.json file including setting a password of 4 diceware words.
  • factotum factorio start

    • This starts the factorio headless server in daemon mode with latest save.
  • factotum factorio stop

    • This asks the headless server to stop. Politely. It will take some time and will likely report failed.
  • factotum factorio status

    • This reports on the status of the server.
  • factotum rcon /help

    • This sends commands into an already running server started by factotum.
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