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2013.02.28 - Denver Gopher Meetup


Galvanize/Gather: 1062 Delaware Street, Denver CO 80204 - ViaWest Cloud Conference Room East.
Just walk through Gather (the restaruant) and we are in the second conference room on the left.
There will be a sign outside the door promoting our meetup.


  1. 6:30 - Meet and Greet. Drink some beer and eat some pizza compliments of bwbacon group.
  2. 6:40 - 6:45 - Brief introduction from our sponsors bwbacon group
    Special thanks to them for the beer and pizza!
  3. 6:45 - 7:00 - Continue eating/drinking. Meet/Greet/Introductions.
  4. 7:00 - 8:00 - Round Table: We had several topics to pick through, but looking at the attendess, we are going to have people that know nothing about Go, and some that have some pretty good experience. We had this format for our first meeting, and it went great. We will be doing adhoc programming on the big screen to show examples of code, as well as we are open to helping with anyones project as well.
    Feel free to bring your ideas/questions. There will be plenty of us to split into groups as well if we want to focus on different areas.
  5. 8:00 - 9:00 - Question and Answer session.


Denver Gopher Social Media

  • Official meetup site with all the scheduled meetups
  • Github Github account used to post before and after code/comments from our meetups
  • @DenverGophers Our twitter account. Please follow us to find out the latest news/events in the local area about go!
  • G+ Our G+ Community page.



Galvanize creates an “innovation ecosystem” designed to give entrepreneurs and innovators the best chance of success at the start of their next (or first) big thing. Through the three pillars of Capital, Community, and Curriculum, Galvanize builds a community greater than the sum of its parts to spark disruptive ideas and breakout companies.

BWBacon Group

Rather than pure staffing, BWBacon is pure alignment.


SupportLocal cuts through the noise of today’s social networks and allows you to give and get local recommendations from the people you know and trust the most.

About The Organizers

Levi Cook

linked-in twitter g+ github

Levi Cook is a founder and Chief Technology Officer at SupportLocal and is in charge of leading the company’s engineering team.
Mr. Cook is a seasoned open-source programmer. He has been a featured speaker at numerous programming conferences and regional software groups. He is also the author of a number of published articles, including IBM Developer Works. He has over 13 years of experience in developing software applications. He is a specialist in development practices required for building large-scale Internet-based applications. An Internet industry veteran, Mr. Cook has contributed to dozens of open source software projects and has helped many organizations adopt and succeed with agile developmental practices. Prior to SupportLocal, Mr. Cook served as a lead developer for, a top home supplies - direct from manufacturer, e- commerce company. At Alice, he led a diverse team of technicians and was responsible for large-scale rails development including real time demographic targeting engines and inventory and warehouse management systems. Prior to Alice, Mr. Cook served as Development Engineer and Integration Architect at WEA Trust where he developed actuarial and claim and benefit management systems, as well as serving as a Senior IT Consultant at Isthmus Group and Greenbrier & Russell.

###Cory LaNou linked-in twitter g+ github

Cory LaNou is a Founder and Chief Information Officer at SupportLocal and is responsible for leading all application development efforts. Prior to SupportLocal, Mr. LaNou was the founding engineer of LocalLaunch. At LocalLaunch, he was responsible for leading and implementing the first set of core architecture including customer relationship management tools, automated billing, product setup and configuration, API integrations with Google and Yahoo, in addition to all reporting interfaces. Mr. LaNou played the key role in the technology and architecture of the award-winning LocalLaunch software platform. Mr. LaNou has over 14 years of industry experience in software and network engineering. Prior to LocalLaunch, Mr. Lanou founded and served as CIO of Pulsity, Inc. a leading Internet strategy firm. At Pulsity, Inc. he lead all application development efforts and oversaw the build of over a hundred Internet based software applications. Previously, Mr. Lanou served as lead application developer at Computer Discount Warehouse (, where he played a key role in executing the strategy behind Microsoft’s first e-commerce partner venture, code named “Nitro”. Mr. LaNou also consulted with industry leaders such as 3com, Hewlett Packard, and IBM. He also architected and wrote CDW’s leading extranet and intranet solutions.