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Appcelerator Titanium - Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps from a Single Codebase #3

vuinguyen opened this Issue · 4 comments

3 participants


Titanium from Appcelerator is an open source platform that allows developers to create native iOS and Android applications from a single JavaScript-based SDK. This enables you to build a single application in JavaScript, which is then compiled into native code, with the same look and feel as a native application.


This seems interesting; I'd like to know how well they integrate with desktop & mobile browsers, Win8 Metro UI, Firefox OS, app stores, in-app purchaces, etc.


@vuinguyen are you looking to do this as a lightning talk?


Yes, this is meant to be a lightning talk. How do I mark it as such? Also, I run the Denver Titanium Users Group, in case anyone would like to learn more, beyond my talk. It's at . Thanks.


Ok, great. Thanks! I'll be sending out an email hopefully today to the group with the list of lightning talks. Looks like we have a solid collection!

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