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Version 1.2b release

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@Denvi Denvi released this 30 Oct 15:42
· 78 commits to Experimental since this release


  1. Main window has dock windows now: "Device", "Modification", "Visualizer" and "Console". Windows can be moved, resized, closed, float.
  2. Added shortcuts settings.
  3. Removed "Units", "Rapid speed", "Acceleration" settings from "Machine info" group.
  4. Command can be evaluated by script engine now.
  5. "Restore origin" command was fixed.
  6. Panels are movable now.
  7. Plugins support added.
  8. Added "Camera" plugin.
  9. Added "User commands" plugin. Old "User commands" panel removed. The number and function of the buttons can now be customized.
  10. Added "Coordinate system" plugin.
  11. Added tool change commands support.

Plugins can be duplicated, simply copy/paste one in plugins folder. Thus you can set more than 1 "Camera" or "User commands" plugin.

Camera plugin


  • pan - mouse move with left mouse button pressed;
  • zoom - mouse wheel;
  • crosshair move - mouse move with shift and left mouse button pressed.


  • camera name;
  • camera resolution;
  • view pan;
  • view zoom;
  • crosshair position;
  • crosshair circle size;
  • crosshair line width;
  • crosshair color.

User commands plugin

Each button has Hint, Icon & G-code settings:

  • Hint is a short tooltip for button.
  • Icons stored in "\plugins\usercommands\images" subfolder, you can place your own icons here.
  • G-code is a multiline textbox, one line per command, no need to separate commands by semicolon now.

The order and number of buttons is also set in the settings.