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Fluid Powered TYPO3: Documentation

Welcome to the documentation collection for the extensions in the Fluid Powered TYPO3 family.

The documentation collection is divided into the following primary chapters:

Contributing to the documentation collection

Wish to contribute? Have a correction? Great! :)

In order to contribute to the documentation you only need to respect a few easily remembered rules:

  1. English is the only language allowed in this documentation - including cookbook recipes.
  2. Respect the folder structure - don't add new folders, with one exception: in the cookbook folders are used to divide recipes into logical groups; if your recipe does not fit into any of the existing groups add one for it. When you do this you are encouraged to add multiple recipes for that group (in order to avoid groups with just one recipe). If your recipe fits into no group at all, use the Miscellaneous group along with a descriptive name for the recipe.
  3. Try to use the same wording and sentence structure as the other documentation. Always use the same formatting! Lines are manually wrapped at 130 characters and documentation should be edited using a monospace font.
  4. The official format is Markdown. Do not use other formats!
  5. Make one change at a time. If necessary, create multiple changes (you can then submit them as one pull request).

You will most likely only be adding recipes to the cookbook and correcting the occasional typo, incorrect example or bad wording in the main docs. A guide for writing good cookbook recipes can be found in README.md of the Cookbook section

Contribution how-to

Making changes and new files is easy - you can (like any other repository) clone the repository to your own account, make changes as commits and then create pull requests.

The easiest way by far is to use the Edit button in the top right hand corner when viewing each file. When you click this button the repository is forked to your account - if it has not already bene forked. You then make your changes and add a cover message; when you submit this a so-called pull request is made and your change will be evaluated before being merged.

When writing your cover message please observe this single rule:

The subject field (on Github, it has a placeholder saying Update <filename>) - please fill in this field with a text like [DOC] Recipe for doing foobar in a baz template. In other words: always write a subject and always begin it with [DOC] and begin the following sentence with a Capital letter. The [DOC] prefix is mandatory in this repository but note that other repositories also use other prefixes not described here. Make your subjects descriptive - the worst possible subject is one that just says Updated <insert filename> and says nothing about what was actually updated.