Plays a game of resistance by assigning roles to users you mention in chat.
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Plays a game of resistance by assigning roles to users you mention in chat.


Add lita-resistance to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-resistance"


lita resistance help - Provides detailed help (this readme file)

lita resistance N [users] - Assigns the roles of spy/resistance to users you mention, with no special characters.

lita resistance [CBSAFD] [users] - Assigns special characters to the users mentioned, the remainder (if any) will receive 'vanilla' spy/resistance roles.

Special Characters

Note: The number of special characters chosen for each team must be less than the number of characters on that team.

The number of spies is always (Players + 2)/3 rounded down.

Resistance (Good)

Commander (C) - Knows all spies except Deep Cover.

Body Guard (B) - Knows Commander and False Commander.

Spies (Bad)

Blind Spy (S) - Doesn't know the other spies. The other spies don't know Blind Spy.

Assassin (A) - If Resistance successfully completes 3 missions, Assassin can guess Commander. If Assassin is correct, Spies win.

False Commander (F) - Appears as Commander to Bodyguard.

Deep Cover (D) - Does not appear as spy to Commander. If played with Commander and without Assassin, can take Assassin's role.

Examples (No Special Characters)

lita resistance N @player1 @player2 @player3 @player4 @player5

You don't need to include the @ symbol:

lita resistance N player1 player2 player3 player4 player5

You can also do a combination of both:

lita resistance N @player1 @player2 player3 player4 player5

Special Characters

Assigns Assassin and Commander:

lita resistance CA @player1 @player2 @player3 @player4 @player5