Smart video car with Mobius-yt, nCube-Thyme, Android Application
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Smart Video Car


Smart Video Car is ASN(Application Service Node) of oneM2M global IoT standard. If you want to know about oneM2M, please reference this(oneM2M). In this ASN's CSE(Common Service Entity) is consisted on Mobius and AE(Application Entity) is consisted on nCube:Thyme for Node.js You can control Smart car and watch live movie taked by the car using Android application also provied on this github.

Connectivity structure

In the smart car, Mobius and nCube:Thyme connected to each other, TAS(Thing Addapt Software) is connected to nCube:Thyme. When user send signal make to move the smart car using application, the signal transported to mobius and nCube:Thyme and TAS. Finaly TAS make smart car's wheels to move.

Hardware Composition

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Smart Video Car Kit for Raspberry Pi manufactured by SUNFOUNDER

Developement Environment


  1. Install Raspbian OS to your Raspberry Pi 3.
  2. Install Node.js to your Raspberry Pi 3.
  3. Download Mobius and nCube:Thyme for Node.js to your Raspberry Pi 3.
  4. Download SmartCar_TAS to your Raspberry Pi 3.
  5. Configure Mobius and nCube:Thyme for Node.js setting

Running Smart Video Car

  • Run in other to Mobius, nCube:Thyme for Node.js, SmartCar_TAS with command below.
//for running mobius
node mobius.js

//for running nCube:Thyme for Node.js
node thyme.js

//for running SmartCar TAS