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Depado committed Sep 25, 2015
1 parent a0896fd commit 313eb4671c6f49bb8174e96f366caee8799b9bbe
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@@ -1,17 +1,16 @@
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import re

import mistune
import misaka
from misaka import BaseRenderer
from pygments import highlight
from pygments.lexers import get_lexer_by_name
from pygments.formatters.html import HtmlFormatter
from pygments.formatters.terminal256 import Terminal256Formatter

from .math import MathInlineMixin, MathRendererMixin

class AnsiRenderer(BaseRenderer):
class AnsiRenderer(misaka.BaseRenderer):

def block_quote(self, quote):
return "{}\n\n".format(quote)
@@ -89,8 +88,71 @@ def block_code(self, text, lang):
extensions=misaka.EXT_FENCED_CODE | misaka.EXT_NO_INTRA_EMPHASIS

class MathBlockGrammar(mistune.BlockGrammar):
block_math = re.compile(r"^\$\$(.*?)\$\$", re.DOTALL)
latex_environment = re.compile(r"^\\begin\{([a-z]*\*?)\}(.*?)\\end\{\1\}",

class MathBlockLexer(mistune.BlockLexer):
default_rules = ['block_math', 'latex_environment'] + mistune.BlockLexer.default_rules

def __init__(self, rules=None, **kwargs):
if rules is None:
rules = MathBlockGrammar()
super(MathBlockLexer, self).__init__(rules, **kwargs)

def parse_block_math(self, m):
"""Parse a $$math$$ block"""
'type': 'block_math',

def parse_latex_environment(self, m):
'type': 'latex_environment',

class MathInlineGrammar(mistune.InlineGrammar):
math = re.compile(r"^\$(.+?)\$", re.DOTALL)
block_math = re.compile(r"^\$\$(.+?)\$\$", re.DOTALL)
text = re.compile(r'^[\s\S]+?(?=[\\<!\[_*`~$]|https?://| {2,}\n|$)')

class MathInlineLexer(mistune.InlineLexer):
default_rules = ['block_math', 'math'] + mistune.InlineLexer.default_rules

class HighlighterRenderer(mistune.Renderer, MathRendererMixin):
def __init__(self, renderer, rules=None, **kwargs):
if rules is None:
rules = MathInlineGrammar()
super(MathInlineLexer, self).__init__(renderer, rules, **kwargs)

def output_math(self, m):
return self.renderer.inline_math(

def output_block_math(self, m):
return self.renderer.block_math(

class MarkdownWithMath(mistune.Markdown):
def __init__(self, renderer, **kwargs):
if 'inline' not in kwargs:
kwargs['inline'] = MathInlineLexer
if 'block' not in kwargs:
kwargs['block'] = MathBlockLexer
super(MarkdownWithMath, self).__init__(renderer, **kwargs)

def output_block_math(self):
return self.renderer.block_math(self.token['text'])

def output_latex_environment(self):
return self.renderer.latex_environment(self.token['name'], self.token['text'])

class HighlighterRenderer(mistune.Renderer):

def block_code(self, code, lang=None):
if not lang:
@@ -122,14 +184,14 @@ def image(self, src, title, text):
return '%s />' % html
return '%s>' % html

# Pass math through unaltered - mathjax does the rendering in the browser
def block_math(self, text):
return '$$%s$$' % text

class MyInlineLexer(mistune.InlineLexer, MathInlineMixin):

def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(MyInlineLexer, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def latex_environment(self, name, text):
return r'\begin{%s}%s\end{%s}' % (name, text, name)

def inline_math(self, text):
return '$%s$' % text

renderer = HighlighterRenderer()
inline = MyInlineLexer(renderer)
markdown_renderer = mistune.Markdown(renderer=renderer, escape=True, hard_wrap=True, inline=inline)
markdown_renderer = MarkdownWithMath(renderer=HighlighterRenderer(escape=False))

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