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Adding example of WithClasses

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Depado committed Apr 4, 2018
1 parent c5ce01b commit 54f7a392d2dd8248f002786cf9ba3ed849fcbda2
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@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ string representing the style as with the `Style(string)` option.
By default when no language information is written in the code block, this
renderer will try to auto-detect the used language. This option disables
this behavior and will fallback to a sane default when no language
information is avaiable.
information is available.
- `Extend(bf.Renderer)`
This option allows to define the base blackfriday that will be extended.
- `ChromaOptions(...html.Option)`
@@ -170,7 +170,32 @@ func render(input []byte) []byte {

## Classes

## ToDo
If you have loads of code in your markdown, you might want to consider using
`html.WithClasses()` in your `bfchroma.ChromaOptions()`. The CSS of the style
you chose can then be accessed like this :

- [ ] Allow the use of `html.WithClasses()`
r := bfchroma.NewRenderer(
bf.NewHTMLRenderer(bf.HTMLRendererParameters{Flags: flags}),
var css template.CSS
b := new(bytes.Buffer)
if err := r.Formatter.WriteCSS(b, r.Style); err != nil {
logrus.WithError(err).Warning("Couldn't write CSS")
css = template.CSS(b.String())
bf.Run(input, bf.WithRenderer(r), bf.WithExtensions(exts))

This way, you can pass your `css` var to any template and render it along the
rendered markdown.

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