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Integrating Chroma syntax highlighter as a blackfriday renderer
Integrating [Chroma]( syntax highlighter as a [Blackfriday]( renderer

## Install

@@ -48,6 +48,9 @@ html := bf.Run([]byte(md), bf.WithRenderer(bfchroma.NewRenderer()))

- `Style(s string)`
Define the style used by chroma for the rendering. The full list can be found [here](
- `ChromaStyle(*chroma.Style)`
This option can be used to passe directly a `*chroma.Style` instead of the
string representing the style as with the `Style(string)` option.
- `WithoutAutodetect()`
By default when no language information is written in the code block, this
renderer will try to auto-detect the used language. This option disables
@@ -85,9 +88,9 @@ r := bfchroma.NewRenderer(bfchroma.Extend(b))
Use a different style

r := bfchroma.NewRenderer(bfchroma.Style("dracula"))
// Or
r = bfchroma.NewRenderer(bfchroma.ChromaStyle(styles.Dracula))

## Example

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