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Hermes is the Go port of the great [mailgen]( engine for Node.js. Check their work, it's awesome!
It's a package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional e-mails (welcome e-mails, reset password e-mails, receipt e-mails and so on), and associated plain text fallback.

## Note about this fork

This fork modifies Hermes in such way that it is possible to customize the
`Intros`, `Outros` with HTML by replacing the `string` type to `template.HTML`.
It also adds a way of adding non-http links in `Button` by replacing the
`string` type of the `Link` field to `template.URL`.

Use this fork at your own risks.

# Demo

<img src="screens/default/welcome.png" height="400" /> <img src="screens/default/reset.png" height="400" /> <img src="screens/default/receipt.png" height="400" />

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