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Stealthy Attacks against Robotic Vehicles
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Stealthy Attacks Against Robotic Autonomous Vehicles

This project contains simulations for triggering stealthy attacks against robotic vehicles. We use ArduPilot SITL to demonstrate three types of stealthy attacks namely: i) False Data Injection, ii) Artificial Delay, iii) Switch Mode attacks, on copter and rover.

Building the docker image

Clone the project

git clone
cd stealthy-attacks

Build docker image

docker build -t stealthy-attacks DockerFile/.

Run docker Simulator The simulator can be executed by running the docker image and then following the steps given here For easy execution we have provided a script that will start the simultor.

./ copter --console --map

To run a mission, use this command:

wp load ../Tools/autotest/mission-1.txt
mode guided
arm throttle
takeoff 100
wp set 2
mode auto

When the RV reaches its destination, execute the command

mode land

Running ArduPilot locally

To use a local copy of ArduPilot and trigger the attacks in the simulator use the following steps:

  • Clone the Project
  • Run ardupilot locally
cd stealthy-attacks/Simulator/ardupilot-attack-version/ArduCopter
../Tools/autotest/ --console --map

Follow the steps given here for further details.

Deploying Firmware in Vehicles

The deployable firmware for Pixhawk2 vehicles are provided. For more information on deploying custom firmware,please follow the instructions given here As firmwares can only be deployed in RVs builton Pixhawk platform, we provide videos showing the effects of the attacks. The demo videos are available here

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