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OpenSeadragon plugin for increasing zoom speed, the faster the user scrolls the mouse wheel.
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This is a small, simple plugin for OpenSeadragon, which detects how fast the user is scrolling the mouse wheel and increases the zoom speed accordingly.

Download and include openseadragon-smartScrollZoom.js after OpenSeadragon on your website.

To use this plugin, include this after declaring a viewer instance:

  //Define your properties here
  minScrolls: ...,

It would look something like this:

//Create Viewer object
var viewer = new OpenSeadragon(...);

//Define smartScrollZoom for this viewer
  minScrolls: ...,
  timeThreshold: ...,
  zoomIncrement: ...,


Here's a list of the properties that can be defined, taken directly from the source code:

  1. timeThreshold {Number} - Amount of time, in milliseconds, that the minimum number of scrolls must occur within before logic begins.

  2. minScrolls {Number} - Required number of consecutive scrolls that must take place within the specified time threshold of each other before logic begins.

  3. minZoomPerScroll {Number} - Minimum factor to zoom by with a single scroll. Setting this to 1 will affectively result in no zoom while logic is not being executing.

  4. maxZoomPerScroll {Number} - Maximum zoom factor that can be reached.

  5. zoomIncrement {Number} - Amount to increment zoom factor by with every scroll after minScrolls

  6. enabled {Boolean} - Whether or not the scroll zoom logic is currently active

To change a property, call the SmartScrollZoom object with the changed property. For example, if you wanted to change the minScrolls property to 4 scrolls:

  minScrolls: 4,

To toggle on and off the enabled property, call toggleEnable():

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