A number of useful commits from the-kenny, plus compatibility with Google's OAuth and support for refresh tokens #9

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We just opened a recent fork for clj-oauth2. Any chance we can collaborate to merge some of these open pull requests on to our (or another) fork and update clojars?


@dkropfuntucht sure, happy to help. Looks like you forked from the-kenny's repository, so you're interested in the last 3 commits I added?


Excellent! From a practical standpoint, and getting the features I need, I only need the commit that I added to my own fork. I'm not 100% happy with my change, but it solves our problem.

Still: I think I have a general interest in all of the pull requests that have been sitting on this fork. Each of the pull requests here had to be created for a reason, so it might be nice to roll them into a new version of the library. Assuming we can find time to test the result.

To clarify: we're also willing to take up testing of the resulting library against Google, Facebook, and Github's API.

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